Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to over 200 countries worldwide, depending on where you are located our shipping times are varying between 7-18 business days at this given time. For further information on our shipping & delivery, check out our shipping page

Do you have a return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with our products you're backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee! For more information visit our return page

What are your drum sizes?

Our drums are available in 2 different sizes:

- 11-tone drums are 6.89" x 2.95" x 6.89" (Approx.)

- 13-tone drums are 12" x 6" x 12" (Approx.)

How easy are these drums to learn?

Harmony drums are extremely easy to play! They are a great gateway musical instrument for youth, They require no experience, and anyone can pick up a set of mallets and create some beautiful tunes with them.

What are the keynotes of your drums?

Both of our 11 and 13 tone drums are tuned to C-major.